Your Complete Guide For Hiring A Google Ads Agency

Google Ad Agency

Hiring a Google Ad Agency for Your Business

More than ever before, the digital world is saturated and competitive. Not only are more brands moving more budgets to digital ones, but the advertisement channels that advertisers need to keep up with are constantly evolving.

Google Advertising is one of the most common channels used by most companies. Advertisers here have the opportunity to reach customers through different platforms that are important to their business. Search, Shopping, View, Gmail & Discovery include these.

The dynamics behind each of these platforms are constantly shifting and are largely driven by Google’s latest initiatives and general changes, enabling marketers to better target their online audience.

While many companies chose to conduct their market strategy in-house, many businesses choose to instruct an established Google Ads Agency to manage their promotions and maximize them. To find out more, click here.

What to Look for in a Google Ad Agency

You can either open portals to lucrative business lanes in your Google ad agency or ruin your entire business streak. And when selecting one, the choices you make decide what effect the agency can have on your company.

There are a range of things to consider before doing so if you’re considering working with a Google management firm. Here are some tips that might help you ease the task of selecting one Google ad agency from a cluster of business agencies.

1. Do they have certifications or formal qualifications

This is the maximum requirement; it is non-negotiable to have a confirmed Google Ads certification. To ensure that they are well-positioned to fulfill your marketing targets, you need to ensure the agency is thoroughly trained and astute across the Google Ads landscape. The last thing you want is to get involved with an inexperienced business that is learning on the job, as it is likely to fail.

Thus, with a shiny sales pitch, you should not settle for an unqualified agency that has given you the world. You should do your research instead, which will allow you to:

  • Check the previous work of the agency to measure its competence.
  • Understanding how many workers are eligible by Google
  • That organization should be comprehensive with the expertise of
    • Reporting commercials
    • Digital Approach
    • Experience and expertise in campaign management
    • Optimization Conversion Rate
  • Check on Google or their website the testimonials of the firm. Better still, to grasp their level of expertise and outcomes achieved, talk to some of their clients.

2. Check out their public reviews

Each organization claims to be the best at what it’s doing. During the tender process, many will promise the world but will finally fail to deliver what they promised from the outset. You want to prevent this from happening since bad campaign management is likely to hinder your business operation.

Customer feedback that affirms how good they claim to be a paid search will back up a credible organization. To gauge independent input from both former and current customers, make sure to research the agency’s series of reviews on Google, Trustpilot, Feefo, and other sites.

Also, take the time to browse their social media profiles to see what level of feedback on Facebook & LinkedIn has been left for them.

If a bunch of good reviews is endorsed by the agency, this would no doubt give you confidence in working with them. On the flip side, maybe the agency has a lot of negative feedback regarding inadequate execution of campaigns or lack of service, in which case a barge pole could prevent them.

3. How do they propose to keep you updated?

In understanding how the campaigns are doing, daily reporting is key. There needs to be a degree of accountability to ensure that you not only appreciate the fairness of the campaigns, but also the essence of the work being carried out. This will help to alleviate any concerns that might arise and allow for a long-term, fruitful relationship. You don’t want to be, after all, chopping and shifting. You’d much rather put your faith in a completely transparent organization that helps you achieve your goals.

When it comes to Google Advertising, the management of the Google campaigns inside their MCC account is popular for many agencies. You need to find out how the campaign data would be shared with you if this is the case. Do they have a customer dashboard of their own or can they exchange reports inside Google Data Studio? If this is not the case, for any reason, find out if they can submit manual reports on a weekly or monthly basis.

The goal behind the reports is to provide a detailed analysis of results on the level of a campaign, ad category, and keyword. You want to know what promotions, and those that are maybe under-performing, drive conversions and sales. This level of detail should be concisely given to you by a well-structured reporting interface. Also, data related to device-level performance and channel performance (relevant if you operate on multiple networks) should be available.

4. Are their costs in line with your budget

During the decision-making process, agency fees would be an important factor. The costs can vary according to factors such as the amount of work involved in optimizing your account, the extent of agency expertise, the size of the agency, and so on, as with all services. Broadly speaking, compared to the big fish, smaller agencies may be expected to charge lower prices and you are more likely to get a more personal service.

There are different pricing models used by PPC organizations and freelancers alike, with the most common being:

  • Based on a proportion of advertisement spending, management fees
  • Based on advertising spending, fixed-rate fees

It’s crucial to collect itemized costs during the tender process that you should expect to pay each month. Ensure from the start that there are no ‘hidden costs’ along the way. Any of these added expenditures may be linked to bid management tools. Doing so will allow you to make an informed choice.

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