Top jobs in engineering


The top jobs in the world span across different professions. Among all these careers, one industry that has a solid footing in the top job is the engineering profession. This profession has a very solid growth demand and opportunities in the engineering sector seem almost limitless. With so many opportunities, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to finding work in engineering.

The following are jobs command the highest pay as related to the engineering industry. They include in no particular order:


Aerospace engineering is one of the most lucrative and attractive fields in the engineering sector. A graduate fresh from any engineering university can expect to make a minimum of $65000 in the United States. Pay is generally expected to increase throughout the career of an aerospace engineer with an individual having ten years’ experience expected to earn close to $105000. This is a very promising prospect, and coupled with the fact there is expected to be a growth of 5 percent demand for aerospace engineering, this branch of engineering is surely a safe bet.


This branch of engineering has an unprecedented growth demand because currently in the United States, the amount of petroleum engineers available is far below the number of engineers needed. This industry can reward you with an annual paycheck of $74000 upon just graduation.

Petroleum engineers with 5-10 years’ experience can experience to receive about $134000 while much more experienced petroleum engineers will take home a paycheck of a staggering $190000. As the need for more petroleum engineers intensified, the job opportunities will keep on ever expanding.


This branch of engineering is focused on the role of research and the manufacturing of products. The growth or demand for more engineers in this sector is not expected to increase or decline. It is expected to be flat for the next 3-5 years. The pay for a fresh graduate ranges from $87000 to about $94000 which is really high.

Chemical engineering jobs can give them a variety of places in which they can earn a living. They can for chemical companies and also in the manufacturing of clothes and food. The profession is also quite flexible. This allows the chemical engineer to shift from one job to another such as moving from a manufacturing firm to a chemical company.

An experienced chemical engineering can expect a salary which ranges from $140000 to $160000. This shows a steady increase throughout a career in chemical engineering.


This branch of engineering is mostly interested in the design and supervision of all equipment which is electrical in nature. The growth estimate for this job is pretty promising as it is expected to grow by about 6 percent in the next few years. A fresh graduate would expect to earn about $55000 which is a fairly good starting salary. Engineers which have more than ten years of experience in the field will be expected to earn closer to the $90000 mark.

The engineering industry is filled with a lot of opportunities. Having a career in engineering seems to be the right choice to ensure a good standard of living!