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Learn How to Transfer Your Data from one iPhone to Another

A new iPhone model enters the Apple market every year and goes out of inventory in no time. It’s a strong indication that individuals have become not only tech-savvy but also lovers of modern gadgets. In substituting their previous iPhone models with the newer ones, they have found a new passion.

The rate at which people discard their not-so-outdated gadgets has been observed to be faster than ever now.

Not only has this changed the way the mobile industry operates, but it has also shed light on the fact that everyone wants to know how to move information from iPhone to iPhone. Meaning, it has made it imperative for one to have a basic understanding of what steps to take to transfer their phone data from one device to another, such as contact numbers, images, music files, papers, and much more. And enjoy a seamless transition from older to newer smartphones this way. You’ll be an expert at something by the time you hit the end of this post.

This article will give you a brief introduction to the myriad forms of transferring data in different circumstances from one iPhone to another, including the absence of various gadgets. And this way, when upgrading to a new iPhone, brace yourself for a better experience.

But let’s take a closer look at how to backup data on your existing iPhone device before heading to that section. After all, what goes on to the next computer is just the most recent backup.

Backup Your Data Using This Step by Step Process

There are mainly two ways to speak about data backup when it comes to using iCloud or relying on a Mac/Computer.

Use iCloud to Backup Your Phone’s Data

Link your iPhone to a WiFi network first.

  1. Go to Settings, then [your name], and finally, click on the option ‘iCloud.’
  2. Toggle the ‘iCloud Backup‘ option on the open screen and press the’ Backup Now ‘button.
  3. The phone is going to start restoring your files. Make sure the system stays within the WiFi range, and in the process, the internet speed is constant.
  4. Eventually, follow the ‘a’ and ‘b’ point to make sure the backup has been taken. The most recent backup date and time will be found upon accessing the ‘iCloud Backup’ tab. You are good to go if both the time and date are right.

Visit the Apple support page now if you are eager to know the way to back up data using the second form.

Process for Transferring Your iPhone Data

Step 1 Transfer Data to New Smartphone with Automatic Setup

The Automatic Setup feature, introduced in iOS 11, helps streamline the process of setup for newer iOS devices, moving Apple ID, WiFi network credentials, iCloud Keychain, and other stuff. It’s useful when updating or changing your phone to move data from iPhone to iPhone (check here).

Consider the following steps to use this iPhone feature:-

  1. Power on your new smartphone with the iPhone. A menu shows up, asking you to select a language. A prompt, “Set Up Your iPhone,” will appear on the screen when you do so.
  2. Bring the current/older iPhone closer to the new one if this appears. The new iPhone would start the process of Automatic Configuration by doing so. At the same time, on the current computer, a warning will appear. To confirm the Automated setup process, tap on the ‘Continue’ button.
  3. Now, your new iPhone is showing the pairing picture you need to search with the camera of your old smartphone. If you use a lighting source for this part, it will be better.
  4. First, on the newer one, enter your passcode from your current iPhone. And then, on the latest smartphone, set up Face ID or Touch ID.
  5. Your phone will ask whether you want to restore data from the most recent compatible backup to a newer iPhone or not when this is finished. It will also give you a few options, such as restoring iTunes backup records, setting up a new iPad, and more. Pick the most important choice.
  6. This will take you to the ‘Conditions and Terms’ tab. Go to the bottom of the page and tick the button for ‘Agree’.
  7. Under Express Settings, click on the ‘Continue’ button to use the Siri setting, Venue, Locate My Phone, etc.
  8. Finally, complete the process of setup as normal. All the backup data will be on your iPhone by the time your operation finishes,

Step 2 Use MobileTrans for Phone Data Transfer

You can also retrieve data from the older ones on your new iPhone smartphone via cell trans.

If enabled, you can attach two smartphones to the application and use one of them as the source and the other as the destination. It then helps transfer images, videos, and 15 other types of data files without depending on the iCloud option from Source to Destination. In other words, if one has missed Automatic Setup and also does not have an iCloud backup option, it acts as a quick and safe way of data recovery.

Now, when looking at how to migrate data using this program from iPhone to iPhone, here are the steps to follow—

  1. Firstly, on your computer/Mac, run the MobileTrans-Phone Transfer program. On the screen, you will be shown a wide range of choices, from which you have to choose the ‘Phone Transfer’ option.
  2. Link your older and newest iPhone to the device via USB. In doing so, the software will display on the screen the icons of both devices, with one labeled as ‘iPhone source’ and the other as ‘iPhone destination.’
  3. Skip the ‘pointer when the labels are right.
  4. If not, click on the screen’s ‘Flip’ button. Their labels will change.
  5. The next move is to mark the boxes that fit the data files that you wish to pass. For eg, if you only want to shift the Whatsapp media and not the contact numbers, tick the former one only.
  6. Click on the ‘Start’ button until completed. The data transfer will be initiated from ‘Source iPhone’ to ‘Destination iPhone.’
  7. Also, if you want to delete any relevant data from the latest phone before the transfer starts, let’s say an existing copy of a file to be transferred, click on the option ‘Clear Data before Copy.’ This will remove from the ‘Destination iPhone’ the current data and make it ready for new content.
  8. Finally, before the switch completes, keep the two devices linked with your computer/Mac.

Our Take

It often seems a laborious and complicated process to transfer data/files from your current phone to your new phone, but it is not. A reliable tool and information about the subject are all you need. If you have both of them, without much effort or time, you can transfer data.

This post introduced you to one such instrument and shared the data about it as well. Use it to your advantage, and you’ll never have a problem moving your details to smartphones.

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