Fire Protection Engineering – Career Opportunities and Earning Potential

What Does a Fire Protection Engineer DoFire Protection Engineer

Science and technology are used by fire safety engineering practitioners to study the causes of fires and evaluate methods of fire protection. Fire and safety engineers suggest or design fire detection materials or equipment that help protect life and property against fire, explosion, and related hazards among their many job duties.

Fire protection engineers may perform several of the following different job tasks to perform this role:

  1. For possible fire safety concerns, inspect structures or building designs.
  2. To educate architects and contractors on fire codes and equipment for fire safety.
  3. Develop plans to escape fire, wind, and water damage or loss.
  4. Managing the procurement, installation, and maintenance of systems for fire safety.
  5. Test building materials and fire protection consumer goods.
  6. Keep abreast of local safety laws and, if necessary, recommend improvements to the authorities.

Career Prospects for Fire Protection Engineers

Fire and safety engineers enjoy a wide variety of job opportunities in different organizations, from fire departments and government agencies to research laboratories and forensic investigations. In hospitals, universities, insurance firms, and even in the entertainment industry, they operate. Fire and safety engineers will go into private consulting alongside salaried roles. The U.S. according to Manufacturing and construction are the top sectors for fire safety engineering under the Department of Labor, Jobs and Training Administration (DOL).

The future Fire Safety Engineering

Engineering for fire safety saves lives. But individuals who feel the stress inherently caused by a fire may forget to activate fire alarms, fail to follow escape routes, or make other bad choices that unintentionally endanger the lives of people. Fire and safety engineers have turned to technology to compensate for these reactions, and the advances they have made are fascinating.

As an example, when someone lifts the extinguisher, active control systems on portable fire extinguishers will trigger a fire alarm signal or alert a building authority about the fire. These devices also include obstruction detection technology that detects when the fire extinguisher is blocked by anything, as well as a pressure gauge containing an electrical output that signals when the pressure has dropped below safe operating levels.

Schools Offering Degrees in Fire Protection Engineering

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (FPE) suggests that one of two approaches should be taken by students involved in fire protection science: fire protection engineering or technology for fire protection. In both arenas, numerous colleges and universities offer bachelor’s and master’s degree preparation.

In the study and design of fire safety equipment and components, fire protection engineering focuses on improving theoretical and engineering skills.

The fire security technology study illustrates the implementation, installation, and function of fire safety systems.

Some schools may offer courses in fire and safety engineering as electives that students can take as part of another specialization in engineering, which can help create a base for an eventual master’s degree. The two main reasons for achieving success and career prospects as a fire and safety engineer are which direction a student chooses, obtaining a degree, and receiving practical experience.


In the U.S. according to Occupational Outlook Handbook 2018-19 of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median national annual wage for health and safety engineers is $86,720. Actual wages can vary greatly depending on field specialization, venue, years of experience, and some other variables. National long-term employment growth forecasts do not reflect economic or employment conditions at the local and/or short-term level and do not guarantee actual job growth.

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